Southeast Michigan Flute Association


Muramatsu 9K gold flute. 9k gold tubing, silver keys, offset G, C# trill, D# roller, B foot. Was bought 2 years ago and has been serviced four times. It is in great working condition and plays beautifully! I would also be willing to make a trade deal for select Muramatsu or Haynes silver models. $18,850. Contact Ashley Stanley at

Roy Seaman piccolo SN 520. Purchased in 1982 from Miles Zentner before Seaman sold the brand to Gemeinhardt. African blackwood, sterling silver keys, A-442. $2500. Contact Helen Near

Yamaha piccolo, YPC61. $1200. Grenadilla wood head and body. Excellent for advanced high school student or college student. Teachers are welcome to have it at their studio if you have an interested student. Contact by email or text at 248-303-8755. Karol Settergren

Gemeinhardt student flute. Like new condition. $300. My student is selling her student flute to put money towards her Dean Yang! Call or email Dr. Deborah Podolka to set up play testing this GREAT flute in her Flute Studio! or 734-386-9970.

Jupiter student flute with curved head joint. Perfect condition. Selling for my Flute Student so he can buy his Intermediate Level Flute! Call or email me to play test this great Flute in my Flute Studio of Dr. Deborah Podolka or 734-386-9970. $600

Powell Sonare Alto Flute, Model AF70, straight sterling silver head joint, silver plated body. Wonderful sound. Contact Jayne at 616-399-5656 for more information.

Muramatsu EX Model with solid silver head joint, open hole, in-line G, B foot. Comes with professional case and case cover. Great condition! $2500. Emily Moore 248 -563- 6454.

Haynes professional flute 40140, solid silver head joint and body, open hole, in-line G, B foot. Comes with flute/ piccolo combo case and cover. Excellent condition. $5000.   Gail Green at

Jupiter flute, open hole, b foot, in-line G, silver body. Just repaired, no dents, PERFECT condition! Selling for my adult student that is buying her first Prof. Flute! Call or email Dr. Deborah Podolka so you can set up a play testing time in my flute studio in Northville soon! $700 Dr. Deborah Podolka at 734-386-9970

Hammig piccolo headjoint – $500 “Hammig cut” (traditional- no wave), grenadilla. Kasey Martin 734-552-7100

Gemeinhardt S3B flute solid silver head, body and B foot.  Open Hole, In-line G.  Just repadded and overhauled by retired Gemeinhardt flutemaker.  $850 Will Hale 248-961-0165

Gemeinhardt 4S piccolo solid silver head and body.  Just repadded and overhauled by retired Geinhardt flutemaker. $650 Will Hale 248-961-0165

 Muramatsu GX: Solid silver head joint, solid silver body, silver clad keys, open hole, B foot, inline G. Originally purchased in 2008 and is in outstanding condition. $4500 OBO Meekyoung Lee (734) 709- 1009