The Southeast Michigan Flute Association (SEMFA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) flute organization in Southeast Michigan. Established in 2002, we serve as a platform for students, amateurs, professionals, teachers, and lovers of the flute to connect. From the Detroit Symphony Orchestra flute section, the major university and college professors, to the number of regional orchestral flutists and the talented students of all ages: we arrange, coordinate and involve our members in a number of concerts, recitals, annual festival and masterclasses.

Mission Statement

“To promote the advancement and appreciation of the flute and flute playing throughout Southeast Michigan.”

Original SEMFA logo using Marc Chagall's The Flute Player.

SEMFA Board of Directors

The SEMFA Board of Directors is comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers committed to upholding SEMFA's mission. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please send inquiries to

Melissa Mashner

Jenny Shin

Rose Martus

Melanie Boose
Treasurer & Membership 

Theresa Stacy

Jeffrey Beyer
Website Editor, Corporate Sponsorship,

Alexis Eubanks
Social Media

Kristoffer Farrell 
Social Media

Nicholas Buonanni
Board Member 

Justine Sedky
Board Member

SEMFA Lifetime Members

Deborah Ash, Kathleen Bergen, Jeffrey Beyer, Amanda Blaikie, Melanie Boose, Holly Clemans, Anne Decker Beck, Elizabeth Devlin, Lauren Dowd-Erickson, Kelsi Gautz, Mariane Gedigian, Gail Green, Peter Gruenewald, Laura Larson, Brandon LePage, Kassia Martin, Tamara Michalec, Barbara Ogar, Amy Porter, Shelly Rouse-Freitag, Laurie Strachan, Lynette Van Ameyde, Karen Wesley, Jeff Zook